Exocet-Warsyndrome demo cd 2004

Orange County, California has offered some great acts of noise such as Armistice, Phobia and others and here is one of them: Exocet were from Santa Anna, Pomona, i know only a few about them and that's thanks to Sean's post in Damaging Noise: They had a couple of demos plus some tracks in compilations, The tracks in their myspace deliver a blending of brutal crustcore in the vein of Swedish kang crustcore,(one track was in this compilation i made last summer). This is one of their early days demos, it was recorded in 2004 and brings five tracks and eleven minutes of excellent Swedish hardcore that stands close to dis- stuff of Shitlickers (a change of drummer transformed them into a brutal crust band in their later stuff),they called quits in 2007.

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