Fall Into Oblivion-st demo 2006

Lets take a break with something different and far from the usual crust/ D-Beat/ whatever brutal stuff you have met here: Fall Into Olbivion is a metal band coming from Kalmar, Sweden, and by saying metal i mean a blending of melodic metal with influences basically from Gothic and many other metal sub-genres. They describe their band as "Melodic metal band with female vocals on the "rougher" side. Lots of riffing and solos, very guitar-based. Some trashier influences. Some of the melodies sound very melancholic and haunting. There are a lot of different influences (gothic, trash, black, death, power, heavy etc.) coming from each member and that can be heard in the music".
i guess this gives a picture of the whole thing..
The demo was recorded and selfreleased in 2006, it delivers the four tracks you can listen in their myspace. This is their only recorded material till now. so, take a break,relax, pass through the threshold and fall into oblivion...


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