Faxa de Gaza-Demo 2008

I know only a few about these guys,Faixa de Faza (Gaza band) is a thrashing hardcore bands from Brazil including former members if Restrained Opposition in their ranks. This is their demo recorded in 2008, it consists 15 tracks and is about nine minutes long.
In their myspace they mention Diskonto, Dropdead, Krigshot, Disrupt and many other acts so you know the pathway they walk on...
xGarrafax (vox) runs Hardcore Ouca E Circule blog and has posted tons of brutal stuff

and some more new tracks, recorded a few days before (March 6,2009), here
thanks to xGarrafax, cheers dude


gallo said...

as they say...diskonto dropdead...etc..!!!nice band!!

xGARRAFAx , vulgo Isaac! said...

hey guy

I'm xGarrafax, vocalist of FAIXA DE GAZA...

tanks for your words!!!

take some new sounds!!!


one more time - TANKS

7inchcrust said...

Hi xGarrafax, nice to see you here,
Thanks for the link w/ the new recordings,your blog is cool.

Anonymous said...
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