Crust Demos comp. vol II

This is the part II of Crust Demos comp with bands from all over the globe,(don't forget part I).Here you can find 24 bands from 24 countries,most of them unknown, some of them less known,some of them whatever-known. All tracks this time come from demo,upcoming releases,CD-R's and sometimes from 7"s. In the download file you will find a txt file with links for each band, a front and back cover i made my self and a poster with logos and badges from the bands that appear here (what a waste of time...). The file is large (94 Mb) but worth to give it a try.. As bonus track there is a 25th track:Wolfbrigade in a previously unreleased track taken from a benefit comp. :)
Some words about the bands: Berserk were a crustcore band from Italy they recorded the Apocalypse" demo CDRin 2006 and a split lp with Caroghia, Bestiame and ANXTV. Distrust is (and what else could they be with a name like this) a discore band, they hail from Singapore, they formed in 1999,they recorded a demo and released several tapes and CD-R's, their track comes from "Singapore punk holocaust" 4-way split cd from 2007. No Conforme come from Barcelona, Spain, "Nightmare" is a piece of Discharge cult and comes from their upcoming split 10" with Give Up All Hope. Altare is a crust/death metal outfit from Berlin and their track is demo recording. Reflections of Internal Rain come from Serbia and seem to worship PDX scene: Their contribution here comes from their ep and delivers metallic crust with dark melodies influenced by Tragedy and His Hero is Gone, Jonestown come from Kladno, Praha, Czech Republic they have a five track ep and deliver my favorite riff of this compilation. From Indonesia, Krasskepala's "Total destruction" is another d-beat crust and comes from the ep with the same title from 2007, Distress is a d-beat outfit from Moscow,Russia and "Control" is a new song from the upcoming split cd w Wheels of Dharma. Exocet formed in Santa Anna, Pomona, California USA in 2004 and they exist no more, "Irrelevant question is brutal crust shit in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror with some metal elements. Circuits Made Flesh from Instanbul Turkey, they are a screamo/hardcore band, they formed in 2007,their myspace has no any infos. Give Up All Hope from London,England bring my favorite song of compilation,it comes from "Nowhere to hide from your self" ep with strong influences from the Swedish scene, incl. former members of Doom, Visions of War, Nailbiter, Health Hazard, they have released a split ep w Vae Victis from Australia and a split CD w the Mexican crusties Antimaster, a split with No Conforme is on the way. Deskarga Etilika hail from Portugal, this tracks comes from a benefit compilation, Raw d-beat at it finest. Deconformed is a noisy brutal d-beat piece of shit from Dublin,Ireland formed by Cormy of Nuclear Death Terror, their track is from a demo recording from 2008. Guantanamo Bay from Sweden formed in 2004, they recorded a demo CD-R in 2004, the "Apocalypse cliche" CD-R in2007 and a split 7'' with Dodeskaden, they recenlty disbanded. Sarabante from Greece deliver one track of dark neocrust taken from demo recording, Cruel Face are from Brazil and "Metropole" is a track taken from "Eu amo disgraca" discography cd from 2005.Bombshelter come from Bulgaria, their track is a piece of rage. Dancing on Ashes from Monterrey,Mexico deliver melodic neocrust blending deep low growls with dark guitar melodies and Disdomestic Violence from Japan a japcrust armageddon. Scum System Kill from Sydney play chaotic discrust,they have toured in America and Europe,"Hellhole is a shit taken from their 2007 US tour CD. Rakkaus deliver finnish hardcore from the northland of Europe, they recorded a demo and two ep's,their track comes from the second ep "Kuolevan maailman hiljainen kirous". Eleutheros send their revolutionary greetings from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, their name translates "free" in greek language, they have a demo tape,a tour cd and a split ep w Leper, "Dying to be free" is a new track unreleased yet. And finally Evil from Poland with a track from DemoNpunk tape/cd bring their heavy death metallic inferno with strong influences from early Bolt Thrower. Evil formed by members of Infekcja,Self Hate,Poltergeist and Absolut Spirit.
the bonus track is a Wolfbrigade previously unreleased track , it appears in Accion Mutante benefit comp. cd (Greece)
01:Berzerk-Pace cronache dalla guerra (ITALY)
02:Distrust-Alcocider punx (SINGAPURE)
03:No Comforme-Nightmare (SPAIN)
04:Altare-Nuclear Christ (GERMANY)
05:Reflections of Internal Rain-Wasted birth (SERBIA)
06:JONESTOWN-Storm the palace (CZECH REPUBLIC)
07:Krasskepala-Total destruction (INDONESIA)
08:Distress-Control (RUSSIA)
09:Exocet-Irrelevant question (USA)
10:Circuits Made Flesh-600 miles under orange lights (TURKEY)
11:Give Up All Hope-Scars to live (ENGLAND)
12:Deskarga Etilika-Deixados a morrer II (PORTUGAL)
13:Decomformed-Child soldier (IRELAND)
14:Guadanamo Bay-Apocalypse cliche vol 1 (SWEDEN)
15:15-Sarabante-Blindfold (GREECE)
16:Cruel Face-Metropole (BRAZIL)
17:Bombshelter-No name (BULGARIA)
18:Dancing on Ashes-Zick zad zuicide (MEXICO)
19:Disodmestic Violence-Doom society (JAPAN)
20:Scum System Kill-Hellhole (AUSTRALIA)
22:Rakkaus-Sudenhetki (FINLAND)
23:Eleutheros-Dying to be free (CANADA)
24-Evil-Oto slowo boze (POLAND)
Bonus track:Wolfbrigade-Lamgtfall

uff.. go get it..


Anonymous said...

mpravo re file,polly gamato to blog sou!!!na sou po,kapote den ypirxe kai ena demo black panda edo mesa?ti apegine??


7inchcrust said...

geia sou Axillea.
afto itan telika ta kommatia apo ena lp ton Derrota, kammia sxesi me Black Panda...opote to evgala..den ksero telika an exoun demo, sto myspace tous de leei kati tetio sti diskografia tous..:/

Anonymous said...

hey thanx alot for doing this. i play in circuits made flesh. we appreciate it.


Anonymous said...
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