V/A-Greek Crust mayhem

A self made compilation including crust bands from Greece: Υοu will not find Hibernation, Naytia, Panikos, Chaotic End etc: Only new bands that are unknown to most of you out there, Most of these bands are still active,some called it quit.
A few words about the bands: Death Rattle is a dark crust band from Kozani,North West Greece, they self-released a split 12" with Journey Into Margin in 2007, the track appears in Accion Mutante benefit cd and comes from the split lp. Sadly,their guitarist passed away about a month ago,
925 hail from Athens and they blend crust,hardcore,punk in a amazing way, their track is far my fave. Anti-Mob come from Athens, they recently released their st 7" and toured in Europe
Sardanapalm Death is a hc/punk/deathcore band from Patra,
Dyspnea from central Greece have released two cd's and a split 7" with Nakot from Serbia.
Greed the Dead deliver brutal grind and was born from the ashes of Into The Gore. Sarabante hail from Athens with their Kylesa-like crust. Asfyxia(Suffocation) come from Athens too:Heavy mid-paced to fast crust with rough vocals. Black Sheeps is a new bandfrom Patra, southern Greece: hardcore/crust. Nuclear Disaster was a brutal crust band from Lamia (if m not mistaken), a city is central Greece, they released the "Nuclear war" cd on Punk.gr Records in 2005 and then they changed their name to Enohi Siopi (Guilty Silence). Sygkrousi (Conflict) formed in 1993 in Athens and contributed tracks in many compilations, they recently formed back and their song is from a demo recording from 2006. no any infos about Gegen Den Strom and Lithargos (Lethargy), sorry.. Chemiki Epidimia (Chemical Disease) 's track is taken from "In the city of chaos" cd, released back in 2004. a masterpiece of grinding crust, including Alex (drums) who later joined After the Massacre.
Rising Terror (Anatellon Tromos) included members of Ashen Breath, Negative Stance, Psychosis and Hibernation, their track is from "Our childhood's war cd,an excellent piece of metallic crust.No security was a pre-Dyspnea band: the track comes from a demo called "Living the history again", they changed their name to Social Security and finally after some line up changes, Dyspnea was born. E.Coli was(is?) a crust/grind band from Thessaloniki and the track is from a demo recorded in 2004. No any infos about Frikh (Horror) and their brutal grindcore. Social Security is the pre-Dyspnea band i told ya before, here they cover one Naytia track. Rajahtaa were from Kavala, eastern Greece,and included members of Satan's Rejects and Death Rattle, they recorded one demo and split up, here they cover the classic "stop the slaughter"
And some last news:Dyspnea are on the way to release a 10" split with Doomsday (a crust band from Athens including members of Sarabante), Panikos are going to put out a new 7" after many years of silence, Terrorismo Musical (grindcore) released a split 7" w Disturbance Project, Omihli (Fog) (street-punk ala Antidote) released "Friends forever, punx for life" lp, Schwartz & Anger (modern metallic crust) self released their cd the last spring ,maybe the best greek crust release for 2008, get it here
01:Death Rattle:Eternal cold
02:925-Wall of prejudice
04:-Sardanapalm Death-I idia istoria (the same story)
05:Dyspnea-Million screams
06:Greed the Dead-Slavestate
07:Sarabante:Unveiling the truth
08:Asfyxia-Hamena oneira (Lost dreams)
09:Black Sheeps-Polemos gia to avrio(War for tomorrow)
10:Nuclear Disaster-Nuclear war
12:Gegen Den Strom-Gdartes oneiron (dream vivsectors)
13:Chemical Disease-Pnoi thanatou (Breath of death)
14:-Lithargos-oi aggeloi tou skotous (angels of darkness)
15:Rising Terror-Scientific reality
16:No security-Entaksh (Enlistment)
17:E.Coli-Waiting for tomorrow
18:Frikh(Horror)-o kosmos the tha allaxei (the world will not change)
19:Social Security-Miasma (Naytia cover)
20:Rajahtaa-Stop the slaughter (Mob 47 cover)

Greek Crust mayhem


b said...

gegen den strom and lithargos are no longer active. these are the only songs that can be found.
members from gegen den strom play in Asfyksia.members from Lithargos play in Infected,Kalazaar,Exarsi.

Anonymous said...

Lethargy does not exist and Gegen Den Storm too.
Lethargy guitar player now playing in Kalazaar,Bass player playing in infected,Vocalist playing in Grogor
and Drummer don't have new band yet.
Gegen Den Storm drummer and guitar player are the basist and the guitarist of Asfyksia.