Naytia-Sweet secrets of life (tape)

Naftia or Naytia(Nausea) was formed in 1988 in Thessaloniki Greece. Their discography includes two demo tapes from 1988 and 89, the "Sex, Drugs and Greek Salad (live)" a live recording in Oslo,Norway, Oct 25,1988 from the european tour with Chaos UK, the "European reinennsansse" lp(selfreleased,1992), the "Naytia kinky horror show" split lp with Grau Zellen (Skuld,1993) and several tracks in many compilations(including the legendary Whispers comp on Skuld). They disbanded in mid 90's after 3 tours in Europe and many gigs in squats.
Sweet secrets of life is a tape including the demo recordings from 1988 and 89: Raw production, hardcore/crust powerfull riffs,ungry male/female vocals, all out political lyrics, nice artwork(the little man standing in skull's shadow says:"oh, i found shadow at last!)
Most of the demo tracks appeared later in the full lengths with much better sound production
here is a text taken from Skuld's website:
"They had both male and female vocalists and combined a rather intense and original style of hardcore alongside their far reaching influences, at times their music is fullbore, no holds barred thrash, at others they are Amebix-style gloomy crust, and yet at other times they built to an emotionally charged crescendo matched only by CONTROPOTERE."
Side A:Demo 88:
02:Mi me satanizeis (dont freak me out)
03:Hrysi neolaia (Golden youth)
04:Theristis (Reaper)
05:O neos mesaionas (New dark ages)
06:O ponos den einai omorfos (pain is not beautiful)
Side B:Demo 89:
01:Agapi kai louloudia (Love and flowers)
02:Avrio pali (Tomorrow again)
03:Kologlyftis (Asslicker)
04:Lithargos (Lethargy)
05:Fylakismenos sti siopi (Imprisoned in silence)
06:Mastiga (Plague)

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