Marat-3" cd Demo 2006

Marat was a screamo crust band from Netherlands and their crust was in the vein of Shikari, Carol, Acme and the like bands with emotional riffs and screaming vocals, they included two Shikari members and continue it's legacy of emotional neo-crust, thats how they describe thee band in their myspace:
"Marat is was a 5 piece female-fronted outfit, hailing from Groningen, the Netherlands. Influenced by bands such as From Ashes Rise, Mohinder, Yaphet Kotto and Portraits of past they play played raging cockrock, combining melodic d-beat and (not so) subtile intermezzos."
These tracks are on their myspace, the downloading links is take from the amazing Stay Female Fronted blog but since i discovered some copies still available in Yellow Dog the link will be here only for a short time. This 3" demo comes in a dvd case, the sound quality is good, nice melodies on guitar, the lady who sings stands equal to every male crust screaming throat out there.This was a promising demo but sadly they called it quit..

Link from Friendly Party

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