Nakot-Demo recordings 2007

Nakot is a crust band from Belgrade,Serbia. They formed in 2005 and this is their six track demo recordings from April 2007. They play crust/hc influenced by the Swedish scene with fast tempos, catchy riffs and hoarse vocals. the sound quality is dissent and the singer sings in his native language (some lyrics and translations can be found in their myspace), three of these tracks are their contribution to the Nakot/Dyspnea split 7", Dyspnea is a crust band from Greece
Here's a text taken from their myspace:
Nakot was formed at the end of 2005. At first we started the band with idea to play similar music as we listen to, cause at that time there was not so much, or better say not any bands in town we live who played even similar style...and of course we had a lot of that to scream about! We were sick and tired living in country like this which pass trough few wars, economical crises, NATO bombing, international isolation in recent history...and just seeing local punk bands singing about their crew, their neighborhood, or some stupid joke songs...Our lyrics are mostly dark and apocalyptic but the reason is not because thats how they should be in crust/punk genre, but because the reality of civilization, we belong by birth to, is exactly like that. Also, the war as a subject in some of our songs is not a punk fetishism, but because the wars have been reality in this region for the last 15 years, and many of us have lived in the realities described in the lyrics of many crust bands. In the past two years we played a lot of gigs in Belgrade with local and touring bands, and all around the country.... also we had few line up changes... but from beginning of 2007, we are going stable with this line up. In April of 2007 we recorded six songs, for one day in studio, three of these songs should be soon released as split 7" with greek crust band Dyspnea. Fell free to contact us, but if you are racist, homophobic, sexist, nationalistic asshole you can just fuck off!!! The nightmare continues! Cheers! Nakot!

The split with Dyspnea came out in autumn '07, it was released by a co-operation of three greek distros and artwork by Doomsday Graphics. A newer recording from December '07 can be found in Demos vol 1 comp. Two more ep's are going to be released: a split ep with Man Made Filth from Holland and a split with Dazd (Belgrade,Serbia),more infos here
02:Svaki dan rat
04:Cekaju na smrt
06:Drustveno korisni

Nakot-Demo recordings 2007


Sean said...

YES! TOTAL WIN!!! I wrote the band about posting them on Damaging Noise and got no reply! Damn good thrash here! I LOVE YOU!!! LOL!!!

DisKid said...

Great blog, i appreciate very much.
But please could you re-upload this stuff?
Thanks! Continue to share!!

Anonymous said...

their new split 7" w/ another great crust band from serbia,dazd,is out now on doomed to extinction records.their contact address: