Midnight-Demo (tape, 2002)

This was posted on the now defunct War's No Fun blog and the link is dead there, so here it is for your crust listening pleasure: Midnight were a short lived band from Portland Oregon, USA, formed in early 00's by ex and current members of great bands such as From Ashes Rise, Hellshock, Lebenden Toten etc. These tracks were about to be on a 7" on Malarie Records/Solar Funeral Records but the band disbanded before the record come out, there is another recording of this demo with some extra tracks. The guy who runs Solar Funeral has in mind to release this on a twelve inch vinyl but according to SF web site nothing happened yet..
Members of Midinight were Brie(Lebenden Toten) on vocals, Scott(Limpwrist), Brad(FAR/WB2D/warcry) on guitar, Chris(Funeral) on bass and Joel(Hellshock/Ausegebombt) on drums, an all star band..keep your eyes on Solar Funeral web site for 12" version of this
1: Distance
2: Life enhanced
3: Cold sweet
4: Words in bold
5: Breakthrough

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Bak said...

this is a fuckin' masterpiece!!!
(is there something in the water in portland?)

7inchcrust said...

great band,, unfortunately they didn't go on...
about Portland...crust water? hahha! maybe is somehow or sometimes overrated scene but the truth is, this is the Crust City, so many great bands came out from there since mid 90's..
and we want more photos on In To The Pit blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Dammit!! Thanks somuch for this !!
Love everything about it from the vocals to the basslines and gaiioping drums!! EXCELLENT!!
wish i woulda known about this one in 2002!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

this is brie, i'm glad i found this! i don't have any demo tapes left, so i'm glad to have this in one form anyway.

7inchcrust said...

Hi Brie, this is Billy, its always nice to see band members commenting here and we are glad for helping you find a mp3 copy.

Johan A. said...

someone re post!!!@@@

7inchcrust said...

link is fixed.

von said...

hey saw this band back in '02 at gilman... their bassist his name is chris, one of our long time pen pal in philippines the reason why we are so familiar with the portland scene and crust punk bands popped out of nowhere in our city! best times chris a very nice guy soft spoken... he gave away his 'funeral' shirt to me i was surprised! i dont care this blog is dead... lemme know somebody reads this! cheers!

ptavv said...

Great stuff!