Hostility- ...I niech jeden strza (tape)

i found this very underrated shit about a year ago in Profane Existance forum posted by Pawel, guitarist of Filth of Mankind. Hostility, also named as Anti-Hostility for some time of their active years, were a crust band from Poland, active in 90's. Their discography includes only tapes: One unreleased demo tape, a split tape with Fear Of Conform (side project of some of their members) and the...'I Niech Jeden Strzal' tape. There is also a 4-song unreleased 7". Their vocalist Mieczyk commited suicide a few years ago..
this is the 'I Niech Jeden Strzal' tape, it consists of eleven tracks of heavy midpaced crust in the vein of Amebix, Axegrinder Misery and the likes, some Hiatus influences can be found here and there. About 38 minutes of depressing crust, the sound production is not the best but not bad at all, bitrate in 256, 70 Mb but worth to check it out. Lyrics in polish, unfortunately there is no cover artwork...
01: Intro (Nie Widzisz Zagrozenia) + Zatrzymajmy Sie
02: Massmedia
03: Dlaczego
04: Bez Konsekwencj
05: Dehumanizacja
06: Obojetnosc
07: Totalitarny Swiat
08: Tak bardzo sie boisz
09: To Nie Wszystko
10: Bledne Kolo
11: Potrzebujesz Ich Klamstw

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