Axegrinder-Grind the enemy (tape,1987)

So we continue with 80's metallic crust with another legendary UK band: Axegrinder was formed in mid 80's by former members of Stone the Crowz and The Proudhons, these two bands formed Tyrants of Hate(including members of the previous two bands).Tyrants of Hate disbanded after a riotous gig supporting Antisect and ending up in a pit fighting, right after this shit, Axegrinder was born..it was about 1986..
Grind the enemy tape was recorded in 1987, it came out with a patch and a booklet containing texts about members political beliefs and statements about the scene. The tape consisted of eight tracks(plus the intro) blending Slayer with Celtic Frost and the darkness of Black Sabbath, the last track (Special brew) was dedicated to Steve Vocalist of Gutrot
Axegrinder recorded two more demos and released the legendary Rise of the Serpent men LP that was also appeared as bonus tracks on Prophecy of Doom full lenght, in the cd version, on Peaceville Records. They also contributed tracks in some compilations (Vile visions, A Ville peace and Hiatus comp)
When they disbanded, some members formed Wartech
infos @: http://www.myspace.com/riseoftheserpentmen
1. Intro
2. Aftermath
3. Master Race
4. One Law
5. Grind The Enemy
6. Armistice (Musical number)
7. Thealphobia
8. Damnation of the Living
9. Special Brew

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