Chaotic End-Beyond the walls of silence (tape,1990)

Chaotico Telos (Chaotic End) was formed in late 80's in Athens, Greece, they recorded their first demo tape 'War of hate' in 1989 and one year later the 'Beyond the walls of silence" demo tape. in 1993 they released the "in front of paranoia' lp on Wipe Out Records, they contributed some tracks in several compilations and finally split up. Alekos, vocalist and guitarist now is in Hibernation
In 'War of hate', Chaotic End presented a crust/hardcore combination of brutality with some great tracks but in 'Beyond the walls of silence' they impoved their playing, they added some keyboards and created a tape that stands equal to their LP: The sound quality is great, the use of keyboards in some tracks creates a haunting atmosphere and thats helped by the lyrical content about extinction of humanity, nuclear warfare etc. There are some great emotional intros bringing in mind pictures of despair, the vocalist helps in creating the apocalyptic atmosphere with the depressing lyrics,the rhythm section moves from midpaced to faster parts. As i said before this tape stands equal to their vinyl, if not better, to me this is one of the best demos of 90's.
Their swan song, 'in front of paranoia' is in the vein of 'beyond the walls..', slightly different because they had new drummer but still a great record
1: Pera apo ta toixi tis siopis(beyond the walls of silence)
2: Epitafios gia nekres synideiseis(epitaph for dead conscience)
3: Fovamai (i m afraid)
4: Sti dini tis zois (in the vortex of life)
5: Esoterikos polemos (inner war)
6: Sti skia tou telous (in the shadow of the end)
7: Bastardoi tha plirosete (Bastards,you gonna pay)


Erich said...

I loved the cheesy tracks on Trapped in a toothed Gear - opera crust!

7inchcrust said...

Opera crust? hahahhaha! sounds like..
i don't know. sounds like Chaotic End..isn't it? :)
i didn't know it, today i got it: the guy who sings in demos is not Alekos but Thanasis who was later the vocalist of Ashen Breath,
thanks to Chris, cheers

Anonymous said...

someone must do this on vinyl one day, i'ts quite perfect!!!

kathy said...

please upload it elsewhere. i can't get it from zSHARE. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

please re-upload!

7inchcrust said...

link is re up'd again :),enjoy it! :)