Hiatus-In my mind (tape 1990)

This is the second demo tape of belgians Hiatus, recorded and released back in May of 1990, one year after the recordings of "The Frightening Men Story" tape. Here they deliver 18 tracks mixing Extreme Noise Terror, Doom and Discharge in a raging crustcore inferno of brutal vocals, distorted guitars and aggressive riffs, The sound quality is neither great nor bad for 1990's demo, they use intros (sound effects or movie parts, they seem to enjoy their time in studio making joke-songs by including some a few seconds long tracks, John Martin and Bob remind me of System Shit's Hell-o! and Sore Throat attitude, plus the fact that the last track is backwards recorded
Members of Hiatus latter formed Unhinged
01: Will it be a third world war
02: Keep your eyes closed
03: Police crime
04: John Martin
05: Quality conception of life
06: AIDS is a double pain
07: The show must go on
08: Till end
09: Inside death
10: 1 2 3 4
11: Bob
12: Inside death pt 2
13: War's for murderers
14: No religion, no cult, no sect
15: Hiatus
16: Bateau avion moto
17: The last world
18: Raw dirow driht a eb
This is 63 Mb...


Anonymous said...

Something like 400 downloads on this one and Zero comments, so I thought the least I could do was say thank you. I've been going through a crusty faze lately and this one really hit the spot. Thanx again.

7inchcrust said...

Thanks again Justin, nice to see you around once again.its always the same thing:most people just leech and go and don't give a shit about anything but the free stuff. thats how it goes in all blogs out there..

Anonymous said...

very nice demo!
nice sound!
thank you so much for this one!
cheers from belgium

Anonymous said...

Hi there! this link is down, please upload again this demo and keep on the great work! thanks a lot for everything

Anonymous said...

Thnaks Again for this old jewels