Molesto - Acéfalo

Molesto hail from Santiago,Chile and bring a D-beat steamroller and not any gore thing as the cover would make you think of. Acéfalo (headless) is an 8 track home made recording and delivers 8minutes of down tuned D-beat crust punk with deep low vocals and  with a slght grind touch . The songs are simple in structure and hardly last over one minute. This is a decent effort for a made recording. Not any info about the band, there's only a bandcamp page and a mail for contact


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Thanks for sharing this on your blog.
My name is Luis, and I recorded all the instruments in Molesto, it is a "one-man-band" project but other friends come to play in shows. I play in other bands: Conflicto de Interés (hc punk with female / male voices), Denigrante (fastcore) and Misa Histerica (another fastcore "one man band" project where I play drums and vocals, I use recorded guitar tracks to play live, and I've been doing various tours around South America, North America and Europe for about 11 years), and Molesto is a new project.
This is the second recording, also made in-house.