Noise Aholic-Discography

The last hours a youtube vid with a band named Noise Aholic has become a little viral since i see it posted around in facebook, the spiked jacked on cover artwork and the title of release, D-Beat Chainsaw Noise make obvious what we got here, i decided to give it a listening and from the first moments i was knocked donw: Fer╬┐cious and relentless crusty D-beat raw punk at its finest! A perfect sonic feast for the Raw Punk and D-beat lovers.  A quick search gave more information: Noise Aholic is the one man project of Owe Inborr from Dispyt and D-Beat Chainsaw Noise isn't his only recorded material: A random search in Youtube gives a few more results , there are totally five releases, all of them recorded during 2018 (actually 3-4 months ago), all of them delivering the same D-beat noise attack, some are more into raw punk D-beat and others with more crusty flavor but always delivering endless feedback of punk noise aggression. Everything was recorded, mixed and mastered by Owe Inborr at Wolfthrone Studios. Honestly this was a surprse. Noise Aholic hasn't any site, no bandcamp, no facebook, but all recordings are available in youtube.  Owe is the owner of Wolfthrone Studios, hope he will be have this D-beat fever in the future and to record some more. Anyway here's his work so far:

Never Stop The Madness
D-Beat Chainsaw Noise 
Our Beautiful World
Giong to War
Noise Overdose 

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