Sordid Dogs-Necropunk

Sordid Dogs hail from Greece, they are a Blackened D-beat Punk band, they were formed in 2017 and Necropunk is their debut ep, released by Chainsaw Distro as cassette and Auto Recordings as cdr in 2018. members are/were in black metallers Human Serpent and Isolert.
Necropunk was recorded during November 2017-February 2018 and was mixed and mastered by the band, it delivers five tracks including one Hellhammer cover and incorporates the old school D-beat and crust punk with the first wave of black metal (Venom, Hellhammer, etc): D-beat drums, old school sound, simplistic and catchy riffs and all these blended with the haunting dark feeling and grim spirit of Hellhammer and early Venom while tthe throaty shouts of singer fit nicely. Hellhammer's cover is nicely covered and its the closing track of ep that lasts thirteen minutes
Overall, Necropunk is a honest and nice effort of old school/blackened D-beat punk and lacks nothing that could make it sound shit. Not something you haven't listened before but surely an enjoyable release with its energy,power and memorable guitar works. Tape version available from Chainsaw Distro also for streaming in bandcamp, cdr is sold out. The band has also two split tapes under the belt, one with Besthoven (soon out on Chainsaw Distro) and one with Abigail, covering with this way the spectrum of their influences, from D-beat punk to black thrash metal. Enjoy it

Chainsaw Distro

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