PHYSIQUE-The Evolution of Combat

The Evolution of Combat is the new vinyl release of noise punks PHYSIQUE from Olympia, Washington. They started a few years ago and each member is a bond in a grid that connects many many bands in Olympia and Boston and some of them have delivered great releases (G.L.O.S.S., Crimex, Jæng, ETERAZ, Rash Togue etc etc). The Evolution... follows the East Coast tour tape from autumn 2018, the groundbreaking  Punk Life is Shit MLP and I Hate it!!!! tape ep from 2018
The Evolution of Combat is their second vinyl release, comes out on PDX based Distort Reality and delivers a relentless storm of distorted punk noise: Over-distorted guitar and bass, desperate shouted vocals and a merciless drum attack, all together create a sonic D-beat driven inferno. The attack lasts 12 and half minutes and during this time, there is no escape since the band never stops for a breath.
Overall this record has everything needed: Ferocious anger, power and wrath, a sonic fuck off to the rotting society. Available from Distort Reality and apart from the stantard  there is a test press version with alternative cover and limited to 25 copies. Let me predict it: This is is going to sold out very fast so make your move quick if you want to score a copy. The record is available for streaming/downloading in band's bandcamp.

Distort Reality store
PHYSIQUE bandcamp

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