Disflesh-The Toxic Demos tape

Disflesh is the D-beat punk duo from Almeria Spain and its the child of 9mm, born in 2003 and later was joined by B-52, The Toxic Demos is a cassette consisting the songs of The Beginning of the End and Long Live the New Flesh demos from 2007 and 2009, Totally 12 songs and nearly 26 minutes of D-beat crusty noise. All tracks are remixed and remastered with different drum sound (Disflesh use drum machine). The tape was released by Dessorden Records in 2015 and is still available, also available in Disflesh bandcamp. All and all this is a nice piece of raw and aggresive D-beat shit, the sound of guitar is decent,  the vocals are rough, the drum machine is not annoying and fits with the rest instruments. Nice shit, go for it

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