Disease-Neverending War Crimes lp

Disease need no introduction, the best D-beat raw punk band of Balkan hellhole strikes again with Neverending War Crimes, this is the first 12 inch record of these D-beat freaks, released by Rawmantic DisastersCrucificadosBlack Against Night and Grind Your Mind Records in 300 copies (200 black, 100 clear vinyl). The record delivers ten tracks of pure Disclose worship and a dose of chaotic and raging raw punk. Not any novelties, not acoustic intros, not melodic leading parts, just pure noise chords, i bet Kawakami approves this shit as he watches from heaven. By the time i m typing this, the band is on tour in Europe. You can stream the record in bandcamp or order it from the labels. And before the dust of Neverending War Crimes settles, a split 7" with Final Nightmare is on works and will come out soon


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