Age of Fear-Echoes of a Lost Age demo

Age of Fear come from Los Angeles, United States and Echoes of a Lost Age is their demo recorded and released as cassette in 2014 and here comes again in digital format including a previously unreleased track. This was in a totally DIY spirit: Copies were only made available directly through the band at live shows. Music wise, Echoes of a Lost Age consists of trour tracks and nearly fifteen minutes of melodic crust with metallic influences blending Tragedy and Wolfbrigade with neo-crust bands such as Ekkaia and the likes. All and all this is a good recording with nothing to complain about. There are aggressive riffs,with the appropriate dose of melody, rough vocals and the usual D-beat, sound quality is decent. The band seems to be active playing gigs in local scene. The demo is available in bandcamp


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