Doom-Consumed to death & 2011 USA tour' tape

Black Konflik is a Malaysian label, active since 2004 and expertising in cassette releases and so far they have released a shitload of tapes and among them there are some really great bands. Here we got the cassette version of  Doom's Consumed to death 7" and 2011 USA tour lp (incl the Celtic Frost and Shitlickers covers). This is really amazing but things do not stop here: The cassette includes three tracks that previously appeared only in compilations, the new songs are Fahrenheit 451, OEF and Human Meat (Jap Mix) and appeared in A new world in our heart' Comp and OEF comp. Totally 14 tracks. There is also a cd version of this tape, released by Black Clouds, Doom's own label. Black Konflik has some great releases under their belt including bands such as Anti Cimex, Rattus, Disorder, Disable, System Fucker, Skitsystem, Masskontroll and many many others, check their complete list here

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