Bakounine/The Flue Sniffers-split lp

This is a split lp and cassette with two bands from France: D-beat crusties Bakounine need no introduction since i have posted almost all of their recorded matterial, here we got another release by them, this time a split lp with Flue Sniffers, released by a bunch of labels (Urinal Vinyl Records, Subversive WaysFFC ProductionsTrauma Social, DevianceJunky Monkey, Emrenadur Records and Svoboda Records), this came out in 500 copies and 60 copies as cassette (already sold out). The Flue Sniffers is totally unknown to me, members are from Britain and they live in France, they are a anarchopunk band in the vein of Crass, Confict, Antisect and the likes with dual vocals, this is their second release after the 19 track A Species Elite relesed by FFC Productions. The Bakounine side is available in their bandcamp, i don't need to say anything about their music, you already got to the point after all these posts with their releases. Their next release will be a split with Swedish Disclose clones Dispose, Great news! Don't need to rant more, listen their side and score a copy from the aforementioned labels/distros

Bakounine side 

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