Böset-Riv Alla Burar tape

"We are a hcpunk band from Mölndal (Gothenburg) from the shitcountry Sweden. All our lyrics are in swedish and is about animal rights, the planets decay, the endless struggle to smash racism and that people are free to be how they were born to be.  We have never played in any bands before and are happy beginners who soon will be playing live and maybe will be fucking up Europe.
The demo on bandcamp will be relesed on lightblue casette in Feb/Mars by ourselves, d.i.y style!
"Böset" is a local word from gothenburg and it means "the shit/dirt" and the casette tape will be named "Riv alla burar" witch means "Tare down all the cages".
Riv Alla Burar delivers ten tracks of raw kängpunk, the cover artwork may seem random and not so D-beat-ish but the music is the real deal: Raw and and in-to-your-face crust punk, no any novelties or long intros,outros or acoustic parts but just the basics: Raw D-beat kängpunk, sometimes fast sometimes slower. All lyrics are in Swedish, a translation in english would be a plus here. This is a good result considering the fact the members are for first time in a band, Listen it in bandcamp or contact the band for a cassette, ten tracks incl, a one second microsong that beats You Suffer in song lenght.


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