Discorpse-The war years

Straight from behind the mask of Warcorpse,here we got 'The war years' from Discorpse. Discorpse is the same guy from the 'one man d-beat machinery' Warcorpse evolving into more dirty and brutal noise. I think i can say that, all of you noise freaks will know what Discorpse is all about just even when you see the cover art. Want it simple? want it noisy? want it raw? Then this is just for you. There are no surprices here, no missleads, no long intros and endings, no nothing. If you expect anything else but d-beat storm you wont get it. This is full 19 mins of pure crusty d-beat raw punk. Doing homage to Doom, Discharge, Disclose and the rest of the d-beat/crust war legions, this whole album is sharing pure and sincere passion for d-beat and noise. If you like modern punk then this is not the sound for you, but if your into old raw sound this is the right deal. (Alex)

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