Lifelock​/​Rappa-split 7"

Here's a nice split with two bands that blast everything that stands in their way: Lifelock hail from Singapore and their great Who' ll Make Noise Not Music? tape was followed by the amazing And for What 7"  on Full Force Hardcore Destruction  (tape version on Blood of War and Blackhole 2012), Rapaa come from Morioka, Japan and include members of Guka, they have a couple of demos and cassette/cdr releases under their belt and this is their first vinyl effort. The record comes without cover, in a folder where the vinyl is placed in, music wise delivers a D-beat storm: Lifelock deliver three tracks and their Discharge./Doom/Disaster/Disclose worship, a total mind blowing side, things get faster on the other side with Rappa delivering four anthems of simillar D-beat hardcore with the typical rough japanese vocals and flavor,  All and all this is a killer split full of power and aggression, there is nothing to complain here, i hope a repress with cover artwork will pop up (and same for And For What 7" ), this was released by 4490 Records from Singapore and distributed in Europe by La Vida En Us Mus. Available for streaming in bandcamp, score a copy if you have the chance.



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