Disease-Distorted Minds vol​.​2​-​Neverending Hell

Disease need no introduction since all their previous works are posted here. 2015 was a great year for them since they released two ep's (Noise of Hell split with Dispose and Apocalypse of Chaos/Another Bombraid split w Warcorpse), as well the tape versions of ...till there's nothing left... (Tyranny Grinder), Another Nuclear Age and Atrocities of War split tape on No Name. And don't forget their tour in several countries in Europe during the summer. Despite the load of  releases, band's productivity  had as result some songs to not included in any vinyl, tape or whatever: Distorted Minds vol​.​2​-​Neverending Hell consists of five tracks that were recorded during the sessions for the split ep's. and were innitially planned for a split lp that didn't work out. There is no need to say anything about the music, Disease is the best D-beat raw punk band in Balkan hellhole and these tracks are not inferior to their other recorded material, sound wise the quality is in the same level and the Dispose cover is decent. These songs are available in bandcamp.


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