Total Silence-Mass death and sorrow 12"

Total Silence is one man D-beat band from Duque De Caxias, Brazil and Mass Death and Sorrow is the first official release after War Graves demo from 2013, Guile, the guy behind Total Silence formed the band in 2012, he's deeply into D-beat punk and after War Graves he contributed in a couple compilations while some more releases are planned for the future, Mass Death and Sorrow was recorded in 2015 and is currently available in bandcamp, it is going to come out as vinyl on Decapitated Recs in 300 copies and as cassette on PogoHai Recs, it consists of fourteen songs and delivers old school D-beat heavinly influenced and rooted in the usual suspects (Discharge, Disaster, Doom, Anti Cimex etc), the whole thing strongly reminiscent of Fofão and Besthoven, the typical D-beat elements are here: There are the typical three chord riffs with some really interesting ideas, basic bass lines, the D-beat drumming while the vocals are shouted with a harse voice surface, in other words this is good shit. The sound quality is decent, the recording is lenghty and lasts 31 minutes. As i said this is going to come out soon (February 2016), check it in bandcamp.


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