Doom-Consumed To Death ep

No need to say much here since you probably already know the news: New recording by Doom is unleashed in bandcamp: Consumed To Death is their fresh new ep, this is a a benefit for the families affected by the tragic deaths at Doom's concert in Santiago, Chile, on April 16th, 2015, so paying a small ammount you give a help to the relatives of those who died. Consumed To Death will come out as vinyl, still unknown when, so go and stream it (great recording, great songs, lyrics and artwork, check the Rainbow Hub for a review on music) and pay  some shit, if you are in UK there is no better place than 1 in 12 Club Bradford to be in September 25 for the Chile Benefit gig, if you can't be there just check The Chile Benefit comp in bandcamp (23 bands inc. Doom, Sedition, Cress etc)


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