Diskobra-A Diskobra Visszatér 7"

Dirty raw d-beat crust punk from Hungary with lyrics in their mother language about social issues and ex members Human Error, inspired by the scandinavian 80´s bands like Mob 47, Protes Bengt or Discard with a pinch of finnish punk, reminiscent vocal of old classic bands like Kaaos or Terveet Kadet. A little bit special band with their own style. Total hailstorm! The material was taken from their demo tape including two songs from their split cd with Displease. Coming out on Aback Distribution in this time eight toxic songs, on black vinyl with milk splatter in edition to 500 pieces with the inlay and cover printed on hard paper. Price for one copy 5 Euro without shipping. For the postal order added button with sticker band!! You can check out the recording on their bandcamp profile. The band will perform a live show at More Noise For Life vol.10 fest in October.


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