Doomed Again/Warcorpse-Doomed to war cd

Doomed to war is a split with two greek bands, Doomed Again and Warcorpse: This is the fourth release for Doomed Again, here they deliver three tracks of old school D-beat in the vein of the Decay tape with catchy guitar riffs, mid paced D drumming, shouted vocals and nice lyrics, these guys do not need frantic beat and overdistorted guitars to deliver the goods, hope to hear more by them and to see them releasing a full lenght. Warcorpse is one man D-beat band who recently released a split 7" with Disease,  here he contributes three pieces of old school D-beat  incl. Doom's Police bastard,  the cdr (actuallly this is digi vinyl, a cd that looks like vinyl record) came out in 70 copies and includes lyrics and the usual special thanx, the artwork was contributed by Alex from Disease, Available in youtube and for streaming in bandcamp

Doomed Again bandcamp
Warcorpse bandcamp

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