Heädshöt-Fuck the war tape (2014, Black Rebelion)

Heädshöt come from Monterrey, Mexico and Fuck the War is their latest release, apart from this they have a couple of demo tapes under their belt. Fuck the war came out on the Indonesian label Black Rebelion Records and there is a reissue by Desörden Records from Spain (100 copies) and different tcover artwork. Fuck the War is band's best recorded material so far: Pure Discharge worship, D-beat druming, three chord riffs, a singer who shouts in english and spanish, raw and decent sound quality. Nothing to complain about, actually i was suprised cos its soo good much more than expected. The tape consists of ten tracks incl. a Disclose cover. I wait to hear about new recordings of them. Score a copy from the labels or the band and listen it in bandcamp



Toxik Boys said...

pretty decent stuff in my opinion, thanks

7inchcrust said...

yes its really good
merry crustmas mr Toxik!