Diswar-The world in flames lp

The World in Flames is the second release of Diswar after their promising debut a couple of years ago. The band stays in the path of true love for D-beat and deliver a record equal and i dare to say even better than Sounds of War. The epic intro sample with battle sounds is followed by a D-beat attack at its best and once again they deliver the goods. The sound quality is excellent and i can't find anything to complain about. There are eight tracks here plus one 8 bit song as outro. All songs stand in the same killer level, fav. tracks: Gasmask, Bastards!!! and D-Beat holocaust. (well, tomorrow i will pick another three as fav. songs since the whole record rulz).This was co-released by La Humanidad es la Plaga, Chaos666 Records, In my Heart Empire, Rawmantic Disasters and Diswar and is also available for free in bandcamp


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