D-takt & Råpunk needs help!!!

Jocke from D-takt & Råpunk Records is facing a difficult situation: Records and merch, tour/band gifts and parts of his private collection is totally drenched, ruined, a total loss of 41.200€ / $54.900 / 35.200£ / 5.650.000YEN, Jocke's insurance covers only a small part of this ammount since all stock was located in a storage room so things are really shitty for D-takt & Råpunk.  This is the post about the whole shit in label's blog and this one as well. There is a donation account, here, for people who want and could help financially Jocke's effort to recover from this disaster. Knowing this man's and this label's history is just enough to move everyone to give a helping hand. I don't want to sound moral or whatever, we re living in hard times but a little help is sometimes enough. Best wishes Jocke, have patience and courage.