Total Silence-War graves ep 2013

ok here we go again after a long hiatus, i got several mails from bands asking to post  their work, i will try to post all stuff that gathered all these months of inactivity but there will be just posts without the usual meaningless and crappy reviews i did so far in the past.
Total Silence is one man band from Duque de Caxias, Brasil, War graves in a seven track ep released in 2013 and delives D-beat raw punk heavily influenced by Discharge, Anti Cimex, Besthoven, Crude SS. etc Excellent work with decent sound quality, close to country mate Bethoven and congruts to Guile who managed to deliver the goods, i don't know if there is a physcial format War graves but its free in bandcamp. There is also a youtube vid, here. Total Silence appeared in a couple compilations while a split with South African D-beater Brafcharge is on the way and some other releases will follow in 2015, check farcebook page for more


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