Napalm Raid-Corruption of their little minds demo tape 2011

This is something i shoud have posted long time ago, apologies to the bands who wait but from time to time i m gonna post some shit that i like: Napalm Raid need no introduction, its been a long time since Corruption of their Little Minds came out and this post is a kind of announcement of their new 7" titled Storm, be released via Rust and Machine Records in the U.S. and Imminent Destruction Records in Europe. Cover art by Hal Rotter, you can have a first taste of what's coming on with the song titled Drowning, here. The noise was captured again by Mitch Kelly at Triumph Audio in Halifax. European tour to follow in May. check here. Apart from the new ep, they recently appeared in a Discharge tribute comp. for Cvlt Nation covering A Hell On earth, here. Anyway, Corruption... came out as cassette and as seven inch ep by Rust and the Machine and consists of seven tracks of noisy D-beat punk blending Doom and Japanese hardcore with some metallic hints in guitar works. the tape includes the lyrics in an insert. Not any download link of demo here, Terminal Escape posted it some moons ago, here. No need to rant any more shit, the story is known, this demo was followed by a split tape with System Shit, the Trial of the World 7" and Mindless Nation lp. Wait for the new ep in next months, crusties from Europe can catch them on stage for their European tour in next May, do not miss them


Anonymous said...

The Terminal Escape download link doesn't work (fucking Mediafire). Could you create a download link or made it happen that I can download this awesome piece of crust. Thanx

7inchcrust said...

i happen to have the file from terminal escape, i just upload it

Anonymous said...

Hey, Punk! Thanks for the upload! You have a large list of noisy links here. Awesome blog! Cheers from Bahia, Brasil!