Procrastinate-Subjugated Herd ep

Procrastinate hail from Greece, they are a five piece crust band, come from Karditsa, a town in central Greece, they formed in 2012 and started playing in gigs in next year, Subjugated Herd is their first cd ep, it came out in March '14 it is released by Clean Head Productions and Angry Owl Records (same labels as Doomed Again release) and it comes as pro-cdr with great artwork made by  Admc07 Artwar, it consists of five songs (incl. one instrumental) and music wise delivers modern crust with some metal elements, they have the sound of Tragedy and From Ashes Rise but without the layers of clean melodies, there are shouted vocals reflecting pessimism and agony, reminiscent the singers of these bands, there are emotional mid-paced passages and slower breaks following or being followed by D-beat driven fast parts, metal edged guitar riffs and heaviness. Sound wise, Γιάννης Mooth from brutal deathsters Drowned in Conservatives is behind the sound engineering of ep, he did excellent  work and added some metal flavor.Overall, this is a honest effort full of anger, power and intensity, wait to hear more about them. This came out a few weeks ago, it is available from the band and Clean Head Prod.s and Angry Owl Rec.s. Download link is provided by the band. Greek crusties, catch them on stage!


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