Dis-Tank-D-Beat Machine demo tape 2014

Dis-Tank is a new band from England, i don't know anything about them, all i know is one guy is also in The Domestics from Sudbury/Ipswich. Architects of War is their eight song debut tape, limited to only 50 copies and released by Kibou Records. I had no chance to listen the complete tape but three of eight tracks of cassette including one Ramones cover. As you probably understood, D-Beat Machine is what the title says: Rough and noisy D-beat from the early days of Discharge, typical d-beat drumming fast and steady, guitars and bass full of reverb and distortion, echo-ed shouted vocals, the usual raw noise recipe. I Lost My Mind, originally by Ramones i well covered and sounds like original Dis-Tank song, maybe the best of three songs here. All and all this is a honest effort, no novelties or whatever, just pure noisy D-beat. If the rest songs of tape are in the level of these three tracks then this is a nice debut demo. The fold out cover includes the lyrics, the demo comes with download code. As i said this is the first Dis-Tank release, they also appear in Kibou's 7" comp Without Kibou There Is Nothing (Vol 2), Kibou is a small distro.label from Suffolk area with several releases under their belt, check their farcebook page for more. You can get a copy of D-Beat Machine from them, get it before they sell the 50 copies.

Architects of war
A Life on Trial & I Lost my Mind (Ramones cover)
get a copy here

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