Dispose-Traces of Reality & Anthems of Massacre

This is Dispose from Bratislava, Slovakia, not the Sweden's D-beat freaks but they are equal to the Swedes in the D-beat they deliver: They formed in 2007 by  two members of Beton, one member of Dead Is Sexy and one from International Karate and Lutra. The played in about five live shows and sometime they managed to record the Traces of Reality demo and later the Anthems of Massacre, (actually Anthems.. was the reason to contact the band and ask them some info). Dispose was formed just to play pure old school D-beat and that's what these recordings deliver: Both demos are a homage to Discharge legacy and include songs that could be composed by Discharge in their early days or by Disaster and Dischange in War Cry and Seeing, Feeling, Bleeding sessions. I think this describes the whole shit here, there is not any reinvention of wheel but deep love for D-beat. Traces of Reality consists of ten tracks while Anthems of Massacre brings five songs, both sound equal to me, there is this old school flavor and feeling and decent sound quality. All and all these demos do no miss something that could make them stand lesser to other D-beat bands. Sadly the band didn't put out anything as official release so these recordings remained just demos (some labels should have a listening of these!), apparently  the band faded away and members continued with other projects (Lutra etc)
I discovered Anthems in a Youtube vid and recently i discovered their bandzone page (bandzone is a short of bandcamp/soundcloud for Czech Republic and Slovakian bands) where both demos are available, there is also a bandcamp page with both demos. Many thanks to the band for providing information, cheers and best wishes!

Anthems of Massacre
Traces of Reality

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