Sex Dwarf-Demo 2012

Another killer band that i have in mind to post here for long time ago and more or less raw noise fans already know them: Sex Dwarf  is a raging noise punk powerhouse from Stockholm, Sweden, they formed a few years ago and this is their demo cassette from 2012, last year they released the Full Av Aska 7" on  D-Takt & Råpunk Records and Konton Crasher and currently they work on their next release, a 12". Per Thunell from Filthy Christians, Protest Bengt and Bruce Banner and others is on vocals duties. The demo was self-released by the band and later in 2012 it was re-released by Distort the World (the branch of D-Takt & Råpunk for tape releases) in 100 copies and A4 folder with lyrics. Music wise it consists of nine tracks of raw noise punk having its roots in Scandinavian (Shitlickers) and Japanese legacy (Confuse etc) with buzzsaw guitars sending endless feedbacks of noise, echoed/reverbed vocals and a bass/drums combination in mid-paced and faster pace. This is a piece of insane and of distorted raw punk, this is for fans of Giftgassattack and such bands. Their next blast, Full Av Aska  is in the same vein, there is a limited version of grey vinyl of it. The upcoming lp will come out in net months in cover artwork made by Sugi, check two track here,co-released by D-Takt & Råpunk and Konton Crasher. Demo tape and Full Av Aska are available for free on bandcamp. No more ranting, listen some erotic noise cabaret punk, score a copy of their 7" and wait for their new lp.

demo tape 2012

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