Guerra de Cerdos-Y Te Sacaran Los Ojos

Here we have something a little (and maybe much) different to the rough and brutal noise usually posted here: Guerra de Cerdos (War pigs) despite their name do not deliver something violent and brutal, they are a post-punk band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, they formed in June of 2013 with  the idea of creating a communion of artistic expression through the music. In January '14 they released their first record entitled "Y Te Sacaran Los Ojos" which can be found in bandcamp. Music wise they deliver a mixing of genres like post punk , hardcore and post-hardcore and even thrash metal, creating a very own style with autentic and original force. The influences vary from Joy Division to Slayer along with the punk rock of The Clash and the speed of Minor Threat, and some melodic elements. The lyrical content deals with historical and social topics, existentialism and other philosofical issues. Y Te Sacaran Los Ojos consists of eight songs and lasts nearly Nowadays Guerra de Cerdos are a trio, the members carry a history in other bands such as Ratticidio, Arrebato, Kodazo, Neuroticos, Nacidos Para Perder,etc). This is available in bandcamp along with lyrics (in Spanish, i wish there was translation/explanation in English). Honestly this is not my cup of tea but i liked some stuff in there (the melodic shit of Tucuman is really nice). There is this Grooveshark link and Mediafire link both provided by the band.


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