Lethe-Λήθη lp 2013

Lethe (Λήθη, Oblivion) send their mournful crust greets from Patra, Greece on a master piece of vinyl, they are a new band, they formed in 2011 and this is their first release, they include members of Dirty Wombs, Dala Sun and Fields of Locust, for people from abroad, Dirty Wombs is a hardcore band heavily influenced by Japanese hardcore (and along with AntiMob, one of the top hardcore bands of greek scene nowadays) while the other two bands deliver doom/sludge obituaries. The marriage of these genres born a mourning monster with black soul, shattered heart and tearful eyes: Λήθη is a piece of solid blackened crust trying to escape from the swamp of despair but its screams make it sink deeper and deeper. Band members collected their inspiration from His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Kylesa (the early and good back in their beginning) and other crust acts, they added some black metal morbidness and delivered ten tracks: No clean melodies here, just heavy riffs, the sound is moody and every melody that pop ups its just a glimpse in darkness, there are two vocalists spitting rhymes of personal dead ends in a collapsing world, bass is heavy pounding and the drums deliver the usual D-beat but also frantic blastbeats in the appropriate percentage flirting with death/black metal areas, the songs have the usual fast pace but there are slower emotional parts. Lyric wise the band made great work too with songs title such as Putrefurnace, Infected Dishumanity, Sweltering Haze etc, the singers sing in greek but you can find english translation in bandcamp (the band uploaded the record long time before the release date in December '13). All and all i can say this is one of the best releases of greek scen: Dark, mournful, pessimistic blackened crust at its best. It was co-released by Clean Head Productions, Scarecrow, Imminent Destruction Rec.sNo Sanctuary Rec.s, Eye5 Rec.s, Music We Create Rec.s and Centipede Rec.s, the amazing artwork mas made by Admc07 Artwar,  it came out in 500 copies on black vinyl and includes a 4-page insert with poster (with great artwork!). Score a copy without second thought!


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