Windmill Of Corpses-Pinkie Swear the Devil

Windmill Of Corpses is a five piece  metal/sludge/crust act from Prescott, Arizona, US and Pinkie Swear the Devil is their second release, i posted their first work back in 2012, here. This demo was a blending of sludge, crust and metal and realy interesting with its variety and the ideas each song carries. Pinkie is a simillar mixture of genres with sludge parts, followed by crust breaks or metal passages with strictly metal guitar riffs, slow parts with melodic lines, acoustic interludes and even hardcore parts that sometime pop  up there and there. And all these come beneath rough vocals that fit with the aformentioned genres. The word variety is what describes Pinkie Swear..., i don't know if the terms sludge/doom or post-hardcore can classify them since include these genres but step beyond these areas all the time. Most of songs last over three or four minutes and thats natural with all these changes in beat and guitar works, only Porklord runs in less than two minutes but also has a doomy/sludge break after the opening outbreak. The running time is over 30 minutes but there is no case for the listener to feel bored, all this variety and the repeating changes make the whole thing interesting. Pinkie Swear the Devil came out in December 2013 and is available along wih lyrics for free in bandcamp.


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