Aspects of War-In Order To Satisfy Their Mania For Conquest Punks Are Squandered (tape 2011)

Time for some raw dis-chaos: Here's the second demo tape byraw D-beat bringers Aspects of War who are one of the most important  Boston dis-noise makers , they formed in 2010 and this demo came after Total Disfuckers tape, In Order to Satisfy.... tape was recorded and self-released in 2011 (or it was 2010? not quit sure, help me pleaz)  and is nothing less than absolut Disclose worship: Behind the legthy title of tape there are three songs incuding the classic Society's Victim by Discharge.As expected this is just a piece of raw noise: This is noisy and distorted, raw and chaotic, raging and sonically catastrophic. Unfortunately there are only three tracks here, i wish there were more and chaos last more since the tape lasts nearly four minutes. Bloated Corpses appears also in first demo tape. All and all this is a a great piece of raw d-beat punk and you know what you are gonna get here: No they don't explore any new shit, they don't deliver novelties, they just bring raw dis noise and nothing else. That's all and raw D-beat fans will love it. Yes its true, D-beat offers no place for new exploration since its simplicity makes thousands of bands playing the same riff, the same drum beat again and again all these years so its up to bands to add passion and anger, power and fury to deliver the goods thru simple sing structure and this trio added these elements and delivers the shit.  Future Aspects of War plans include a split 7" with Negligence,  this is going to be their second appearance on vinyl after Annihilation: Konton Crasher Omnibus with Disable, Total War and Truncheons. No more useless rant, go and get it.


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