Slaktgrav/DiseaseDisclass/Warcorpse-Freedom Punker 4 way split vol 1

This is  a four way split with two bands from Greece and two from Macedonia released by Freedom Punker, a farcebook punk community established by Errika Anne Folkore from 40oz Folklore and Chaos A OK. Freedom Punker has released about 13 international compilations (covering many genres from crust to Oi and from punk to grindcore), one comp. with Indonesian bands, another one with bands from Mexico, a grindcore split and two 4 way split, recently they released Dis Freedom Struggle Continues comp. with bands covering crust sub-genres (raw punk, crustcore.stenchore,etc), all these come on mp3 format, bands that appeared in comp. are Besthoven, Hellkrusher, Cancer Spreading, Instinto, Diswar, Hellbastard, AUK, Kismet HC, Concrete Sox etc etc. each release has its own vid on youtube, a playlist with all releases is here.
This 4 way split came out last summer, Slaktgrav is the new name of Slaughtergrave, the greek Agathocles, check their discography here. Not a monolithic band, they blend crust, d-beat, crossover, hardcore in their old school mincecore and created their onwn noise. They are a political band no matter the funny/nonsense lyrical content is some of their songs. As Slaktgrav they made a step into hardcore territorties and deliver four pieces of rough crusty hardcore including Shitlickers classic Warsystem and Mob47's Policestaat. Disease need no introduction since all their releases are posted here, they contribute four songs recorded for this split including a Besthoven cover. Disclass are some veteteran anarchopunk legends from Skopje, who were active in mid-90's and released a split tape with Abuso Sonoro from Brazil and recently came back after a long hiatus, their songs are taken from this tape, Warcorpse is one man band from Greece and ends the split with four farts of crustcore. Sound engineering of split was done by Vic from Concrete Sox. There is a vid of split on Youtube, here. No more rant, go get it.



The Earslaughterers said...

Great initiative all around from Freedom Punker.

7inchcrust said...

yeah is really nice effort to support and help the bands spread the word, congruts to Errika and the rest team