Animalesco, o Método-st (2013)

Animalesco, o Método come from Portugal, they formed in 2012 by former member of Sem Talento and here is the first ep recorded and self-released in 2013. Animalesco.. started as one man project by M. who plays all instruments in this recording and he was joined by two other guys who sing. Music wise there is a varety of influences here, from old school death metal and old thrash metal to scandinavian and British hardcore, all given in a raw and brutal way, accompanied by brutal vocals and makes the whole shit stand between crust and metal. The guitar delivers metal edged riffs, drumming is fantic hyperfast and more into metal than the usual D-beat driven hardcore, the whole release runs in fast speed all the time, the ending part of last song is the only part the drum slowers the beat and  takes some breaths before the finale. There is a crust/hardcore feeling and also the death/thrash metal craze and energy,  the singers scream and growl in Portugese and they share vocal duties in nice way, sound of recording is decent.  There is a cover but no artwork on it, (why? a nice cover is always a plus and gets you into the feeling of songs). The ep consists of five songs and lasts nearly sixteen minutes, this is free for streaming/downlading in bandcamp (incl. lyrics) and also there is a download link provided by the band. Animalesco, o Método future plans include a new ep in 2014 and some concerts. Thanks to M for sending this, cheers mate!

bandcamp and dnl link

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