Suffer the Pain-Live @ Bankiren

Metal punks Suffer the Pain from Sweden strike back, we have already met then before in their two tapes, The Death and The Last Massacre, both released in 2012. Here we have a live recording from their first and so far only gig which took place in Bankiren,  Västerås  in January 12th 2013. The recording delivers nine songs taken from their tapes, including Bloody Hammer (originally by Roky Erickson) and some new tracks (Nuclear End, Break Your Chains), the set lasts for nearly eighteen minutes and brings the (Swedish Death) Metal influenced kang punk (Dismember, Entombed stand among their inspiration) we know from their tapes. Sound quality is decent. I don't see any information about it for a possible release of the recording on tape or cd format and currently is available only in mp3 format.
And after the tapes, a vinyl is next on the list for Suffer the Pain: A 7" on Phobia Records and according to a post in their blog they have worked some songs for it. One of the new songs, Nuclear End cane be streamed in band's soundcloud page, here.
This is it, Suffer the Pain have a blog, soundcloud and farcebook pages and also a channel on Youtube. You can watch some videos from this gig and also some more from their studio rehearsals.


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