ExtinctExist-MMXIII demo tape 2013

Here we have a new band hailing from Melbourne, Australia and including members of Nuclear Death Terror, Pisschrist, ABC Weapons and others. MMXIII  is their fresh new demo tape, released by Blood of War Records a record label from Melbourne.  MMXIII stands for 2013 in Roman numbering, the tape comes with a band sticker, the cover artwork was made by Santi, the inlay includes lyrics and was printed on 100% recycled paper. Music wise the tape consists of four songs and delivers "totally bonecrushing, jawbreaking, fistclinching raw as fuck crust punk": Metal driven heavy and stenching crust, hard hitting drumming, heavy pounding bass and guitars delivering metallic riffs that sometime sound like being taken from a page of Slayer's book, actually from time to time even the rough brutal vocals sound like Tom Araya's singing. In other words, this is where crust and stenchore genre meets Slayer. Lyrics paint post-Apocalyptic images of death and destruction and fit with the music. Unfortunately the tape consists of only four songs (more of the same please!!!) but lasts nearly fifteen minutes, sound quality is excellent. I hope this is just a prelude for an upcoming official release on vinyl or cd. The demo is available for streaming in bandcamp and along with the music you have the lyrical content, for a physical copy contact the band via mail (here) or contact Blood of War Records. For direct connection, ExtinctExist have a farcebook page. In March 15th they are going to share the stage with Tragedy in The Reverence, Melbourne.


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