Diswar-Sounds of war lp

Yeah! I fell in love with this at the first D-beat drumming: Diswar come from Bilbao, Spain and include members of Annunaki Revenge and Insolventes, Sounds of War  is their upcoming lp, it will come out on vinyl format by Rawmantic Disasters Rec.s, Chaos666 Rec.s, In My Hear Empire and La Humanidad es la Plaga. You have already understood what's going on here: Dis-name, Discharge letter font logo, war themed cover... yes is the same D-beat story again: Another D-beat band delivering wrath, anger and anti-war polemic through the simplicity of three chord riffs and D-beat drumming. As expected, there is no any reinvention of wheel but the band walks decently the well known path walked by million other dis-bands and delivers the goods. No weak parts in the record, no fillers, just killer dis-songs and decent sound quality. Lyric wise, the anti-war spirit is always there, the record consists of ten tracks plus a surprise song in the end, i will not say anything about it, just go on and listen it (and don't skip the whole record for this!), these guys have great sense of humor!
Sounds of War will come out in the next months (March, April) by the aforementioned labels only on vinyl and not cd and is already available for streaming in bandcamp. There's a D-beat band named Diswar from PDX but there's no any relation with these punks here
This is it, no more ranting, D-beat lovers walk in without fear, this is fo your ears!



Toxik Boys said...

spanish song missed.

7inchcrust said...

wot? i see it right there, song #11: Distracktion

Ni Hil said...

Sounds or war....