Life Mess-Upset and Overwhelmed (demo 'tape) & Ignore the Holy 7"

Life Mess come from Columbus, Ohio, United States, they formed in 2011 and in both of their releases, the Upset and Overwhelmed demo tape from 2011 and Ignore the Holy 7" they deliver raw punk/d-beat Shitlickers worship:" three friends from way back playing raw punk/d-beat - perfect! we recorded the Upset and Overwhelmed tape on 4/20/2011, and the tracks for the seven inch on 4/20/12 haha. lyrics deal with being dismayed at the deliberately mean-spirited behavior of people worldwide and attempts to counteract that by annoying mainstream society. and more seriously, we have songs against religion, songs against LGBTQ oppression, and songs against fucking Scion Records" (yeah,i like that!)
The demo came out in tape format and delivers twelve fast, raw and chaotic tracks including Leader Of The Fucking Assholes by Shitlickers, each song lasts less than a minute, this is as raw and chaotic as can get, if i am not mistaken, the songs are recorded on both sides of the tape (Dylan correct me if i am wrong)
 The seven inch is out through Shout Loud (a screenprinting business/record label run by the bassist of the band), it consists of four songs (this time they broke the barrier of one minute with one song) and delivers the same chaotic ear-tormenting noise. The band is about to go on a short tour: April 1 - Columbus, April 2 - Pittsburgh, April 3 - Philly, April 4 - DC and April 5 - Athen, Ohio, catch them on stage!.

Upset and Overwhelmed (demo 'tape)
Ignore the Holy 7"

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