Pissed Grave-Demo 2013

The quartet of Pissed Grave hails from TX, United States and this is their demo, recorded in January and released a few days ago. They are a new band, they include people from Tolar, Wild//Tribe, Rise of Necropolis and others and this is their first recorded material. The demo consists of five songs although in their facebook they say about eight songs being recorded in January and delivers fast and "we-hit-in-your-face" crustcore in the vein of old and good Extreme Noise Terror with high speed bashing drums, thrashing guitars and dual vocal attack (yells vs growls) reminding the vocals duet of E.N.T. Most part of the demo moves in high speed and only a few times they slow the pace down for some breath. Todd (vox/bass) told me they are inspired by E.N.T, Disrupt and Aus Rotten but the influence of Extreme Noise Terror is very obvious here. Sound is raw and rough. All and all this is a nice demo for fast and brutal crustcore fans. Pissed Grave offer their demo for free in bandcamp,thanx and best wishes!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Billie!

7inchcrust said...

cheers my friend!best wishes!!!